What is Zoho Writer?

Zoho Writer is the word processor under the Zoho Docs family of software. Zoho Docs are productivity apps that can be used by teams for working on and collaborating on documents. With features like real-time editing and mobile, teams can work on projects wherever they are located with ease.

Zoho Docs was released back in 2007 and has since then become a leading tool for workspace collaboration.

Zoho is designed for easy use and customization. Those qualities make it highly adaptable and it can be used both by large companies with a lot of individuals working on their teams and by freelancers who would like to cooperate. The tool is not complex and users can get started on it immediately without spending time in mastering its complexities.

Features of Zoho Writer

A software review is not going to be complete without listing the features and giving details regarding them. Here are the top features that you can get with Zoho Writer:

Writing Assistant

Zoho Writer is a writing assistant feature that is meant to help users to write better. Unlike other writing aids, Writing Assistant is designed to understand the context of a piece and take that into consideration when making suggestions. The feature works in the background and works in real-time so the suggestions are made as you are writing.

Because it works in real-time, you will get a warning when a sentence you are writing is becoming too complex for readers. It’s not like other writing aids that make corrections based on grammar rules which do not work all the time.

Collaborative Review

The collaborative writing feature of the app makes it possible for team members to work on a piece without having to use emails and chat apps to communicate. Team members can work right on the project and discuss what needs to be done there. That makes it so much more efficient and faster.

Workflow Automation

This feature has more to do with the app being used as part of the overall Zoho Docs. It integrates seamlessly into the other functions of the suite. For example, it can create documents automatically that are filled with contextual details whenever a new lead is generated within the CRM.

It creates documents with signatures automatically added and documents with prefilled responses.

Document Merge

This feature allows the different documents generated in different sections of Zoho Docs to be combined to make the workflow smoother.

Digital Signature

Signing documents in the old way can be a hassle. They have to be printed, signed, and then scanned. That can take a while, plus it wastes resources like paper unnecessarily. The digital signature feature makes the whole process smoother and faster.

Cross-Platform Support

Zoho Writer can be used across platforms, making it a very versatile tool. It can be used on mobile devices and even with your iPad. You can also open and edit your Word document and save and export them as different file types.


This is a new feature that helps to save even more time. With the various templates that are available, you can get started working on your project without having to stop and worry if it is in the right format. 

Extension & Clipper

The extension and clipper feature of the Zoho Writer app makes it easy for you to open a doc and to clip references when you have to. If you found an interesting reference that you want to use for your project you can create a new document for it and then clip it to the original project document.

Later on, when you have the time, you can go back and incorporate that reference into the project that you are working on.


Zoho Writer can now work even when there is no internet connection. That means you can go to places without any internet and you can work from there. This means a lot to those who like to travel and who are on the move.

You no longer have to worry about connectivity when you are working. You can just continue with what you are working on even if there is no internet.

These are just a few of the main features that you can get right now with Zoho Write. As you can see, it has more features than the usual writing app that is currently available. That’s because it is part of Zoho Docs which means it is fully integrated into the CRM.

That means if you are a writer then it might have some features for which you don’t have any use. Still, the features that are useful for writers are very powerful already.

Advantages of Using Zoho Writer

It can be tricky to compare a writing app with others since there is no general rule for measuring which is the best. For the most part, it is a matter of preference. That being said, Zoho Writer offers several clear advantages over other writing apps.

  1. The writing assistant is far more powerful than any other tool designed to help writers to improve their work. The power of the tool lies in the fact that it understands context. So, its suggestions are based on the purpose of your piece.
  2. You can store your documents in an easy to search library that allows you to access the document that you want to work on with ease.
  3. Another advantage that Writer has over other apps is that it makes it easy for users to store references and notes that they can use on their projects. They can create a separate document for the reference and then clip it to the main project.
  4. You can easily assign projects to users and track the progress of a project. So, for a team that’s working on a project, this app can be a real time-saver.

These are just some of the advantages offered by Zoho Writer over other writing apps that are currently available.

Subscription Price

As mentioned before, this is part of the Zoho Docs. It can be used for free and the free version as it comes with the Zoho Workplace Suite has plenty of features already. Here are the following features that would go with the free version:

  • 25 users
  • 5GB storage / user
  • 20MB attachment 
  • Single domain hosting
  • Webmail access

If you need to get more features, you can get the paid plans.

  • Standard- $3/user/month
  • PRO – $6/user/month
  • ENTERPRISE – $10/user/month

Each option offers more features like additional storage space per user and more users allowed. 

So, should you use Zoho Writer? That depends. If you are going to use it as a pure word processing tool, then the free version should be enough for you. The more advanced features of the app are meant for integration with the rest of the Zoho CRM. That’s not really something that you need to bother with. 

The more advanced features might make the app more complicated than the others that you can use. Although the collaborative feature of the app can make it worthwhile for a team that is working and writing on a single project.