Writing a Strong Compare and Contrast Essay

Do you need help with writing a compare and contrast essay? In this short guide, you will find useful information about this kind of document as well as effective tips for writing a compare and contrast essay. Read our hints and create a successful manuscript without wasting your nerves and time!

Useful Tips on Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

When you’re creating this manuscript, you must show readers how things are similar in some way but then also to analyze differences. Students are often required to make this document about two characters in the book, two novels, two historical facts, etc. In this writing, you may write only about similarities or differences, or analyze both.

Remember that when you’re making this document, it’s important to create a good structure. That’s why writing a compare and contrast essay outline is a thing you must do before you have started to work on the whole manuscript.

When you’re choosing the right structure for the document, please use a point-by-point or block structure. See below the short description of each of them:

  • Point-by-Point Structure

According to this structure, you describe each difference or similarity of both objects you have chosen to compare. It means if you have written something about the one object, after this, you need to put a similar / different thing about another object on the same criteria. In this way, you put all the needed similarities or/and differences.

  • Block Structure

This structure requires writing all the characteristics of the first object, and only then after the second. For many people, it’s easier to write this way. But remember that you have to write all the characteristics on the same criteria.

Example of a Successful Compare and Contrast Essay

To buy things in a store or to order online?

Do you prefer buying things in a store or better like to order online? Modern technologies allow people to buy anything in just a couple of clicks. Some people prefer “old-fashioned” methods and go to the stores when they want to buy something, but others order online everything, starting with T-shirts and ending with cars and even houses. So, let’s discover which way is better and safer?

When buying stuff in a store, you can “feel” and view the item thoroughly. Of course, you’re not able to touch that nice blue shirt on the laptop’s screen and feel if it’s so soft as they say. But online shopping can save a lot of your time, so you can spend more time with your friends or children. If you are looking for something in the shop, it might take a lot of time and effort to find the needed thing. You can be tired after walking miles and long searches. But searching for things online is a real pleasure without wasting your energy. You can just sit on the comfortable couch and look through thousands of items.

Of course, every person is looking to buy quality things at a low price, and you can get this possibility on the Internet. There are a lot of online stores that offer discounts and sales even when items stay at a regular price in your town’s stores. So, you can save both time and money buying online. Your package will be delivered to your doors, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

You are not able to check the item’s quality when buying online, as you can easily do in the usual store. That’s why we suggest purchasing things only in authorized reliable stores, so you won’t buy a cat in the bag. It’s great when you’re able to order something just from your phone during your lunch at work, and a couple of days later the courier just brings the package to your house.  Though, some people prefer to go to the usual shops and buy things there. Sometimes it makes sense, for example, when you’re buying clothes or shoes, and you can’t see how this or that thing would look at you and if it will fit you perfectly. Some people like to go shopping in the town just because they like the process of buying things and communicating with shop assistants. Others prefer to order things online, and even if clothes or shoes don’t fit them, it’s possible just to return the package according to the store’s return policy.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages depending on people. Whether you are planning to go for shopping on weekends with your friends, or you have already ordered online a new case for your phone, we wish you a pleasant and profitable purchase!

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